David Harum Feeds Advertising 1947 Paper Notebook – Green Cover –

Product #W328E

This is a green paper covered notebook that advertises David Harum Feeds – Compliments of Lexington Mills and Elevator Company – Lexington, Nebraska’. On the backside it lists the Livestock and Poultry Feeds that they sell and the top reads, ‘Lexington Mills – Millers of Laboratory Controlled David Harum Flour and David Harum Pancake Flour for tender, golden cakes. On the back cover on the inside there is a calendar that dates these notebooks to 1947. This book measures 5 1/2″ by 2 3/4″ width allowing it to fit nicely inside the front pocket of one’s shirt to write down all your important feed or other notes. It is always fun to find local advertising from your hometown.

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