Antique Walnut Office Desk Chair

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Antique Walnut Office Desk Chair that swivels. This is an early office chair Circa 1880’s and note the bentwood arms which was not very common for this early time period.
Upon doing some research for this chair, I came across this photo, which dates to 1886, and notice the office chair that is photographed in The Yellow Oval Room in the White House, when President Grover Cleveland was in office in his library and study in 1886. The photo is looking northeast (White House Historical Association [Library of Congress])
We are always searching to be able to identify makers and learn more regarding antique styles and makers. We know that we are not alone, is there anyone else that is familiar with the company who made this chair? There is some wordage on the casting of the mechanism that is no longer legible. This chair has been recovered. We purchased this chair from another antique dealer in Kansas who said that he bought the chair from an auction in New Jersey.
After checking the White House historical website, I noticed that there was another chair like the one we own featured in another photo. That chair did not have the top crest on the back for the chair like the one in the photo with the famous Resolute Desk and the chair that we have. Could this be the same chair? I have not checked to see if there is any record of this chair still being in the White House, but if it was once good enough for President Cleveland to use in the White House, well, it is good enough for us to earn a place sitting next to our Wooten Desk!

This desk chair measures 48″ height, 20″ depth and 20″ between arm. Circa 1880.

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