Double Sided Antique Advertising Sign Neisner Bros. Brothers Incorporated Inc. Store

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This is a beautiful antique store advertising sign which hung in the entrance of Neisners five cent to dollar store and the sign has been done with red paint on top of a mirror backing with gold leaf lettering. This antique sign advertises, ‘Neisner Bros. Inc. 5 cent to one dollar store.’ This sign is versitile as it is double sided, and can be read on either side. The mirror advertising sign is secured in a heavy well built wooden frame. The frame measures 18″ x 61 3/4″ long and is 1 3/4′ thick. The wooden frame which encircles this mirror is 3 1/2″ wide. Neisner was a Variety store that was a national chain. The brothers Abraham and Joseph Neisner opened their first store in Rocheser New York in 1911 and Incorporated in 1916. Abraham Neisner died in 1933. The company went bankruptcy in December 1977. This is a quality store advertising sign one that would make an exceptional addition to your own personal antique advertising sign collection. We were told that this sign came from out of the town Waterloo, Iowa.  

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