Doulton Lambeth Pottery Vase with Incised Horse Decoration, Circa 1878

Product #G568D

This is an exceptional all original fine example of Doulton LambethPottery vase that is encircled with incised detailed horse decorations. The vase is dated circa 1878, and is monogram artist signed by Hannah Barlow. The bottom is also stamped Doulton Lambeth 1878. In the antique reference book for Royal Doulton Stoneware Pottery by Richard Dennis, it states that Hannah Barlow and Doulton are synonymous and she was one of the most well known artists of Doulton’s. She was the first female artist to work for Henry Doulton. Notice that this vase is artist signed on both the bottom and side of this vase. This vase measures 10″ high and has a diameter of 3 3/4″. Along with the incised horse designs the vase has equally beautiful incised top and bottom borders and beaded type accents. Don’t miss adding this exceptional vase to your own personal Royal Doulton or horse collections.


Hannah Barlow – signature

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