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Cast Iron Fairbury Flat Bull Windmill Weight

Product #M372B

Old Cast Iron Windmill weight done in the shape of a flat Fairbury bull. Notice the large platform to support the weight. We have the following history on this weight. This Fairbury bull from Mrs. Cerveny, and son Rex, both of Fairbury, Nebraska had painted both bulls, one with address and set outside in front of their house till someone told them they were worth a lot and that they might get stolen. (We only purchased one of the bulls)
This bull weighs 55 pounds, and again was made by the Fairbury Windmill Co. of Fairbury, Nebraska made for the No. 2 Vaneless Mill 10 ft. as a counter balance weight. The bull stands 18 1/4″ high, and the bull is 24 3/4″ long to the tip of the nose, and is 5/8″ thick. The metal plate is 17 3/4″ x 9 3/4″.
Again this windmill weight is guaranteed old and authentic, the paint is an old paint job with the address of the Cerveny family painted on the side of the bull. This piece would make a good addition to any fine windmill weight or cast iron collection.

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