Flexible Flyer Airline Pursuit Child’s Sled

Product #W525C

All original old wooden and metal frame child’s sled. This sled is called ‘Flexible Flyer – Airline Pursuit’. Notice the excellent all original condition of this sled and the original stenciling which is in exceptional condition. This sled measures 48″ long and is approximately 21″ wide. There is a label that states that this sled has ‘Super Steering’. There is age on this sled as you can see the crazing in the finish on the sides of the sled, it just was obviously never used in the snow much. On the underside there is information on this sled that reads, ‘Genuine Flexible Flyer with Safety runners and super steering. – Made in U.S.A. by S.L. Allen & Co. Philadelphia, PA. Manufacturesers of Planet Jr. Farm & Garden Tools. This sled again is called the Flexible Flyer Airline Pursiut and Patent numbers 1889567 is the highest one and design number 93268 and 93267. Don’t ┬ámiss decorating and adding this sled to your antique collection.

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