Antique Flow Blue 4 Piece Pitcher and Bowl Set

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Product #G735D

Antique Flow Blue Pitcher and Bowl set along with two extra pieces that are a toothbrush holder and the chamber pot. This is a very attractive set done with a swirling paneled molded shape in the base of the items and a fanned fluted top section. The white background with flow blue designs is a very eye catching pattern and contrasting look. The bowl is larger and it measures 17″ in diameter and the edge are 5″ high. The mark on the bottom reads ‘Ridgways – England – Royal Semi Porcelain – Gainsborough’. All four pieces are marked with this information. The pitcher measures 12″ high and from handle to spout is 11″ wide. The toothbrush holder is 5 1/4″ high and is 4″ diameter at the widest point. The chamber pot is 11″ from handle to opposite side, and is 5 1/4″ high. Notice that the design of the flow blue design is that of scrolling floral designs. This is a nice set and to have four pieces is a nice find. If you have been looking for a flow blue pitcher and bowl this is definitely one to consider.

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