Four Wood Architectural Pillars or Columns painted white

Product #F107B

Style Plus on this set of four matching architectural pillars or columns. The pillars are not solid they are hollow on the inside for ease in moving and handling. The wood has been painted along time ago on these wooden pillars. It does appear that maybe there is some oak used on these pillars when you look where some of the paint has peeled off, however it is difficult to always be certain what is entirely under paint. The style of these pillars is a definite however. The grooved designs around all four of this 1900’s pillars makes for a quick eye catching attraction. The four pillars measure as follows, two of them measure 63″ high and two measure 65″ high. Three pillars are the same measurements in width and depth with the top sections measuring 10″ around the fourth pillar measures only 9 1/4″ around. Notice the varying widths around the pillars as you descend down them with the pillars at their bases being all right at 8 1/4″ wide. This is a nice set of four architectural pillars that would add a wonderful attraction to any home that you would use them in. You can also be creative and use them in the interior of your home for a nice added touch of creativity.

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