Star Egg Wooden Carrier and 12 Glass Eggs – Antique Poultry Advertising

Product #M037

What a fun piece for anyone that has been in the poultry business or remembers back to the days when several people had their own chickens and fresh eggs. This is an all original old wooden shipping crate with dove tailed corners and advertising that reads, ‘Star Egg Carrier & Tray Mfg. Company – Rochester, N.Y.’. The Star Egg Carriers were manufactured only by John G. Elbs, and on this box there is patent dates of 1903 to 1906. This box measures 6 1/2″ wide by 8 1/4″ and is 2 3/4″ high. This box is all complete with the wire carrier and the divided sectionals with 12 white glass eggs. Although I don’t know for certain, it has been told to me that glass eggs were used by poultry farmers to encourage the hens to produce eggs and also to help with snakes that like to steal eggs from the chicken coop and the glass eggs cause problems for the snakes to digest! I am open to correction on the purposes of the glass eggs, but obviously there was a need for glass eggs with this Star wooden carrier that is filled with them! Don’t miss adding this find to your own personal poultry and antique advertising collections!


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