Hand Woven Large Area Rug

Product #W257A
This is one of the largest and best hand woven rugs that we have ever been able to offer for sale. This rug has wonderful coloring, and unique and very detailed designs that have been woven into it’s overall design. The designs remind you of a scrolling floral theme with early dyed colors of red, blue, yellow, white, jumping out at you. The brightness and the excellent overall condition of this early rug is outstanding. The rug measures 80″ x 114″ to cover a nice large area. To the best of my ability there appears to be approximately 10-12 strands of thread per inch on this rug. On the ends of the rug the tassels are spaced, three tassels per inch. This is a beautiful piece of art, and there is no holes where the rug is worn at all. Maybe, a couple of places where the colors are not as bright where wear is possibly the cause, but not that much, and I almost hesitate to mention it. Look closely at the photos and you should be able to see for yourself the brightness and exceptional condition of this rug.
This rug was examined by an avid dealer in antique rugs, he stated that this rug is a Rumanian Kelim from the 1960’s to 1970’s. Hand woven with a cotton warp and wool weft these rugs were made in government sponsored workshops, primarily for export. They are based on traditional local designs which are a blend of European and Turkish influences.
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