Antique Heberling Running Stitch Sewing Machine – Circa 1878 – 9 1/2 inches width

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Product #CG009

This machine is manufactured by the Heberling Running Stitch Sewing Machine Company of Mount Pleasant, Ohio, U.S.A. In size the Heberling Running Stitch Gauging Machine is somewhat smaller than an ordinary sewing machine, with length of arm sufficient for all purposes; and can be readily attached to any table, and worked either by hand or foot. The machines are handsome in appearance, finely finished, and tastefully ornamented; all bright parts are nickel-plated. Measures 9 1/2″ width, 8″ height and wheel is 4 1/2″ Diameter. Circa 1878. This machine was part of a sewing machine collection from Kansas.


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