Impressive Italian Artist Signed Antique Marble Statue – Angelic Cupid Figural Girl Large Statue

Product #W435E

We are thrilled to be able to offer to you this exceptional piece of art. This Victorian marble statue features an angelic cupid girl that has a wind-blown look to her while she appears to be holding a floral bouquet and Victorian fan in her arms. This is a large marble statue that is signed by the Italian artist, ‘F. Vichi, Firenze, Made in Italy’, the statue is signed on the back side of the bust. (Italian 1875-1945) This is a large bust that weighs 87 lbs. and measures 24 1/2″ high, is 18″ at the widest, and 13″ deep, and the base is 9″ diameter. Note that the girl figure has a wind-blown appearance making the details in the carving that much more intense to capture in the marble subject. This is a beautiful piece of artwork that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection.

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