Mueller Croismare French Cameo Art Glass Vase

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This is a fine piece of French cameo art glass which is signed by its maker, ‘Croismare’. Croismare cameo glass was made in the city of Croismare by the Muller brothers who had once worked for Galle. Many pieces that were made at Croismare were signed in different ways. This piece being one of the examples, ‘Croismare’. At the Croismare company one sees a greater variety of styles that is evident on the cameo glass with both acid and wheel engraving being a technique that was used for cutting. The exact dates that the Croismare company were in operation are unknown however the most active years for production were from about 1905 to 1937. This Croismare vase is 7″ high and depicts a thistle type plant in olive green color down to an opaque color. The base diameter is 2 3/8″ diameter and the top opening is 1 1/4″ diameter.


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