John Rogers Group Sculpture ‘Taking the Oath – Drawing & Rations’

Product #W431C

Original John Rogers statute grouping titled, ‘Taking the Oath – Drawing and Rations’. This sculpture of art is signed, ‘John Rogers – New York’. Throughout the Civil war, residents of communities that fell under Union control were required to take an oath before they were permitted to travel, conduct business, serve on a jury, or bury a family member. In the instance depicted by this sculpture, a mother is required to take the oath in order to receive food for her family. Overall very good original condition on this painted plaster piece with just a few nicks. This is a fine piece of artwork that you will enjoy adding to your own personal John Rogers sculpture collection. The overall measurements of this piece are 23 1/2″ high and 12 1/2″ wide by 8 1/2″ deep. –   

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