Oak Sectional 5 High Globe Wernicke Bookcase – Leaded Glass Top

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Product #F987

Antique oak Globe Wernicke five high sectional stack up oak bookcase. There is three sectionals that are the 12 1/4″ high sectionals, one 10 1/4 sectional, and on the top the leaded glass front sectional is 8 1/2. This combination of sectionals makes this bookcase stand 75 1/2″ high, the width is 34″ wide and the depth is 12 1/2″ deep. It is a nice feature to have three 12 1/4 sectionals to support your taller books and collectible items that you might want to display and store. We have more of these same 5 high sectional bookcases if you are looking for a nice wall unit display or room divider. Check out all the bookcases that we have available at this time with this same Globe Wernicke leaded glass top five high sections.


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