Nifty Hi-Way Henry Jalopy Comic Wind-up Tin Toy

Product #T358C

Jalopy comic wind-up tin toy “Hi-Way Henry”, lithographed, there is little known about this mystery comic created by artist Oscar Hitt who’s name is clearly marked on both sides of the car. This car displays many interesting features including: air dry laundry on the roof of the car, a dog (Henry IV) in the dog house for the engine compartment, stove and wash board in the rear, bearded driver and a wife “Ma” listening to headphones that are connected to the clothes line as the antenna. The toy is in working condition as it moves along, raising the front tires off the ground at different levels. Marked on the front of the jalopy reads: Made in Germany, one can only see the top parts of these words. This is an exceptional toy, one that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection. Measures  10″ length, 8 1/2″ height and 4 1/2 depth to outside of key.

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