Oak & Cast Iron Bakers Rack – 1898

Product #F733D
Oak & Cast Iron Bakers Rack is in original finish. The five tired rack will fold to any angle. This is an unusual style that we have never seen before. On the underside of the shelf there is a company stamp that reads: The National Combinnd Display Shelf and Table Manufactured exclusively by The Weston PA & Mfg. Co. Patend May 10,1898. (The “Pa.” in the mark stands for the word “paper,” not for the state of Pennsylvania. This shelf-table, patented in 1898, was made by the Weston Paper & Manufacturing Co. of Dayton, Ohio. Toward the end of the 1800s, there was much interest in furniture that had multiple functions table-chairs, table-steps, sofa-beds were patented and manufactured. Weston became part of the International Paper Co)
Measures 25 1/2 depth, “36” width and 57 1/2″ Height.(table position will expand to 58 1/2″. 
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