Antique Victorian Oak Pump Organ – outstanding original condition! – Lakeside Chicago

Product #F877

Antique Victorian Oak Pump Organ in outstanding original condition. This can be refered to as a  Parlor/Reed/Pump Organ made by  Lakeside Chicago Co.
During the mid to late 19th Century, most major manufactures were building organs for home use.  These were commonly referred to a “Parlor Organs”, Reed Organs” and “Pump Organ”. These organs were operated via pumping of large foot pedals which would force air across a bank of reeds. (Note the photos of the inside on the back)  Early organs were fairly basic in design and appearance, but the organs built in the last quarter of the 19th Century were some of the most elaborate and lavish instruments money could buy. Measures 47″ width, 81″ height and 22″ depth. Circa 1890.


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