Antique Yellow Satin Miniature Oil Lamp – Embossed Leaf Design – 10 1/2″ to top of chimney

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Product #G829D

This is a complete and original miniature oil lamp that has been done in yellow satin and has the embossed leaf design which is a harder to find design and makes an eye catching statement. This lamp is a featured item in the antique reference book, Smith Book II on page 215 and it is stated to be a ‘Rare’ find. The lamp when all together measures 10 1/2″ high to the top of the chimney, and the base is 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″. At the widest the globe is 4 1/2″ diameter. The dial to lower and raise the wick reads, ‘Aufsteckbrenner’ and that is the only signature or words that I see. This is a beautiful and eye catching miniature oil lamp, one that is certain to be a highlight in your home or collection!


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