Antique J.B. Owens – Utopian Art Pottery Tall Brown Vase with Narrow Opening – 1905

Product #G727D

This is a fine all original example of a marked piece of ‘J.B. Owens Utopian – 1045’ art pottery vase that is decorated with a detailed floral design. There is also the letter ‘M’ impressed on the bottom of the vase. The vase has a unique shape with a narrow opening of just one inch. At the widest this vase measures 4 1/2″ diameter and the base is 3 3/4″ diameter, and it stands 10 1/2″ high. Good condition as mentioned there is a small place on the back of vase where the brown glaze doesn’t completely cover, this is however original to the vase, as the top clear glaze is completely over this spot, thus proving that this small imperfection in the coloring of the vase was original to it being made. This is a beautiful example of Owens art pottery, one that you will want to definitely add to you collection.

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