Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Paddy and the Pig Bank – Made by J.E. Stevens Company

Product #T871C

Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank referred to as, ‘Paddy and the Pig’ bank. James H. Bowen of Philadelphia, PA invented this bank and inscribed into the base plate, is the following information: “Eng. Pat. July 28,1882. U. S Pat. Aug. 8, 1882.”
The Paddy and the Pig bank reflects an Irish man, notice the shamrock design on the man’s hat, who is sitting on top of the pig that he has wrestled. Thus, the name, ‘Paddy’ for the man in this bank. This bank is in excellent original working condition and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you press the lever and activate this mechanical bank! In order to operate the bank, a penny is placed upon the pig’s flat nose. The lever in Paddy’s back is depressed. Simultaneously, the pig’s left leg kicks the coin towards Paddy’s mouth, which then opens, extending a long pink tongue. Paddy’s eyes roll upward in delight as the coin is deposited within the bank. These coins are removed by way of a round coin trap underneath the base.
Paddy is wearing a dark brown coat, and the bank has original paint with some places having been touched up at some point over the years. The base of this bank measures 7″ long by 3 3/8″ wide and the bank is 8″ high. This is a bank that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal mechanical bank collection, and the action of this bank does brighten up one’s day!

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