Antique Trippensee Planetarium – Country Store School House Science Display

Product #W233

At one time just about every old country school had one of these Trippensee planetariums in their classroom. Now, they are so hard to find. This is an awesome item!  It has a wooden “arm” that still has the original brass tag that reads: THE TRIPPENSEE PLANETARIUM; PAT. U.S. MAR. 10, ’08; CANADA JULY 21, ’08; THE TRIPPENSEE MFG. CO.; DETROIT, MICH., U.S.A’. It has the brass base which has names the months, astrology signs and the seasons. It has the turned wood foot and arm which is still in the original finish. The arm contains the brass tag mentioned earlier as well as a small compass mounted into the arm. It has the globe of the world which is the original paper litho.  It has a wooden ball  to represent the moon. Then there is the large brass ball (sun). . It measures 13 1/2″ tall and the arm is 16 3/4″ long. Don’t miss adding this fine piece to your own antique collection.

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