Antique Porcelain Plaque Portrait of Charles II Framed

Product #P248C

This unique framed porcelain portrait depicts Charles II and there is a detailed typed history of Charles on the backside of the frame. This framed piece came from out of a home in Missouri. The porcelain was framed by, ‘Ackerson’s Fine Arts Studio – 3615 Broadway – Kansas City, MO’, there is still the frame store sticker on the backside of the frame.
The history of the backside starts off reading; ‘Charles II (1630-1685) Third Stuart king of Britain, was the eldest living son of Chas. I, who was executed in 1649 because of his opposition to English parliament. After the death of his father, whose life he tried to save, Chas. II took the royal title was acknowledged king in Scotland, Ireland, & in parts of England, Crowned king in 1651.
The porcelain plaque measures 2 3/8″ wide by 3 3/4″ high and the frame is 9″ x 11″.




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