Antique Brilliant Period Cut Glass Punch Bowl with Stand and Ladle – 15″

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Antique all original Brilliant period cut glass punch bowl with matching stand and is complete with Pairpoint ladle with cut glass handle. The cutting on this punch bowl is of the Persian pattern. This punch bowl measures an impressive 13 1/2″ diameter and when featured with the stand is 15″ high. We have never been able to offer a punch bowl of this size and with this detailed of a cut glass pattern before! This is a remarkable find. This set also comes with a matching Pairpoint ladle that is signed on the handle of the ladle, ‘Pairpoint Mfg. Co.’ The ladle measures 15″ in length. We were told that this punch bowl came out of the St. Joseph, Missouri area, and came from the Barclay estate. We are thrilled to be able to offer this impressive and complete set to you! One of John’s recent purchases that he is quite excited to own




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