Antique Goose Neck Reading or Writing Lamp with Quezal Shade


Antique goose neck metal adjustable directional reading or writing lamp with exceptional Quezal signed lamp shade. Note the beautiful pulled feather design that encircles the shade and the gold aurene at the bottom of the shade. This shade measures 5″ long and at the bottom opening is 4 1/2″ diameter. The height of this lamp stand is 16 3/4″ high, and the base of the lamp stand is 5 3/4″ diameter. There is a partial paper label on the underneath of this lamp stand, however there is not enough left for me to make out the company name. There is an impressed number on the rim that holds the lamp shade that reads, ‘UNO Pat. Dec 24, 12’. This is a functional lamp that is a beautiful piece with the Quezal shade. This lamp came from out of the collection of the late Scott Dalzell.

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