Rit Dyes Advertising Antique Display Cabinet

Product #M478C

Rit Dyes advertising display and storage country store cabinet. This display piece was used to dispense and store the Rit dye packets in a country store setting. Notice the clever saying on this cabinet, ‘Never Say Dye Say Rit’.
This cabinet measures 11 1/2″ wide, 8 1/4″ high and is 14 1/4″ deep. Notice that there is three drawers for storage of the dyes, there is wordage for the different colors on both the drawer faces and the interiors has dividers with the color names also. One of my favorite features of this display is the paper insert that is behind glass that reads, ‘Extravagance in Color is the Fashion Note of Summer. Note the graphic pictures of women and their dyed clothes. This is a great old country store display cabinet that you will not want to miss adding to your advertising collection.

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