Antique Huber Steam Driven Road Roller Cast Iron Hubley Toy

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Product #T551C

All original cast iron Huber steam driven road roller toy made by Hubley Toys. This toy is 8″ long 5 1/4″ high and 3 1/4″ wide. Circa 1928 to 1941. This toy was well received back in the days, as children loved to play with this realistic toy that stimulated adult work. Construction and building vehicles have always been some of the most poplular toys for young boys. This version is painted orange with black striping, there was also a version that was olive with gold striping that Hubley made. The olive and gold striped Huber steam driven road roller is featured in the antique toy reference book, ‘Cast Iron Automotive Toys’ by Myra Yellin Outwater & Eric B. Outwater – Stevie & Bill Weart


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