Antique Rookwood Vase – Double Handle – Artist Signed Lincoln – 15″ Height

Product #G229E

This is an artist signed quality piece of Rookwood pottery done by Elizabeth Neave Lincoln. She lived from 1880 to 1957. She became a decorator in 1892 under the name of Elizabeth N. Lingenfelter which she later changed to Lincoln, around 1915. Elizabeth left Rookwood in 1931. She was considered one of the best decorators of matte glaze work. This large 14 1/4″ high double handled vase depicts exceptional draping textures and colors that descend downward and over the molded floral designs in the top neck portion of this large and impressive Rookwood vase. This vase dates 1918 with the Rookwood signature marking that is on the underside of the vase and note the artist signature on the bottom as well. This vase stands an impressive 14 3/4″ high, is 9 1/2″ wide from handle to handle, the top is 5 1/4″ diameter while the base is 5″ diameter. This is one of the finest pieces of artist signed Rookwood that we have ever been able to offer for sale. Don’t miss out on adding this exceptional piece to your own personal antique Rookwood pottery collection.

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