Antique Rose Moonstone Vertique Model B Aladdin Lamp – Antique Vintage Glass Kerosene Burner

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Product #G231E

This is the pink or rose moonstone colored Vertique Aladdin lamp that was manufactured in 1938. The name Vertique refers to the vertical ridges on the bowl portion of this lamp. The bowl where the kerosene is stored is joined to the foot with a brass connector. Exceptional all original condition on this lamp. This lamp measures 24 1/2″ high, the base has a diameter of 6 1/2″. Notice on the knob to raise and lower the wick there is information that reads, ‘Mantle Lamp Co. – Nu-type Model B – Aladdin – Patents Pending – Made in USA – Chicago, Illinois’. Notice that there is an etched signature on the chimney of this lamp that reads, ‘Aladdin’. This is a beautiful color done in this Vertique pattern that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal Aladdin lamp collection.

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