Roseville Pottery – Green Baneda Collection – 9 Pieces – 1932

Product #CJ318

Green Baneda was a popular pattern of Roseville pottery from its introduction in 1932 throughout its years of production. Baneda’s embossed trim looks like a pumpkin vine. Five pointed star-like yellow flowers and green leafy vine hover over small orange colored fruit. The detail is in low relief and confined within a wide border. Note how the green baneda is matte glazed and how the deep blue wash of color accents the design and overflows the limits of the band and features a leaking and draping into the background coloring of the pieces. There are a total of 9 pieces that we are offering together for one price. They are all in the popular green color. This collection of Baneda pottery came from an avid antique collector from North Carolina.



CJ291 Smaller Double Handled Vase – #626-4″



CJ292 Double Handled Vase – #591-6″



CJ293 Double Handled Vase – #610-7″




CJ294 Double Handled Vase – #595-8″



CJ295 Double Handled Vase – #594-9″



CJ296 Double Handled Vase – #598-12″ – Paper Label



CJ297 Double Handled Vase – #598-12″



CJ301 Double Handled Vase – #597-10″



CJ302 Double Handled Vase – #597-10″



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