Rubina Art Glass Perfume in Tufts Silverplated Boy Holder

Product #G060D

Exceptional all original Rubina art glass perfume with floral enameled design which encircles the inverted thumbprint perfume with its original clear glass stopper. The bottom of this perfume has the number ’53’ wrote on it. This perfume is displayed in an all-original silver-plated holder that depicts a young boy jumping rope. Note that this holder is signed by its maker, ‘James W. Tufts – Boston – Warranted Quadruple Plate – #2590’. This holder measures 3 1/2″ wide and is 3″ deep. The holder its self-measures 3 1/4″ high and the art glass perfume by itself is 5 1/4″ high and has a diameter of 1 1/2″. The holder with the perfume inserted measures 6″ high. This is a beautiful and rare perfume. What a wonderful feature to have this all-original Tufts holder with such an attractive theme of this young boy. This perfume is one that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection.

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