Antique Pair of Cast Metal with Bronze Finish Saguaro Cactus Figural Bookends

Product #W138E

Antique all original cast metal saguaro cactus figural bookends that feature a copper flash finish for a fun décor addition in your home or office that is sure to bring a smile to your face wherever you might choose to display this pair of bookends! Each measure 7″ high are 4 3/8″ wide by 2 1/8″ deep. Notice the original paper label on the felt pad under lining on one of the bookends that reads, ‘Created and Made by Dodge Inc. – Los Angeles, Newark, Miami’. Each bookend is also signed right above the felt lining on the backside of the bookends ‘Dodge Inc. – Los Angeles – Chicago’. Here is some history on the Dodge Inc. business, Dodge, Inc. began in Chicago in the mid 1920s by Ray E. Dodge, a former track star in the 1924 Olympics. In 1930 he moved the company to Los Angeles to begin making “Oscars” for Hollywood’s Academy Awards.
The company used 5 different finishes for its cast metal pieces, but their trademark high-gloss bronze finish with two-tone highlights of rich red-golden copper from the Southwest’s great copper mines, earned Dodge the tag line, “The Best of the West.” What a fun addition to your antique collection these bookends would make!

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