See-Em-Walk Toy Dog Pull Toy made by Noma in the original box

Product #T014C

This is an all-original pull type toy that is mint and still in its original box. The toy was made by the ‘A Noma Product – Made in U.S.A’. – Patent 1,633,147′. Noma – Makers of the Famous Noma Lights’. Inside the box there is an original paper insert that has graphics of the Noma products, besides the dog there is also a Walky Ducky – and a Farm Tractor’. The card says that it is a ‘Noma Electric Corporation – New York, New York. On the opposite side of the card there is a poem that reads, ‘Dear Kiddies – I am a good little DOG and will do whatever you want me to do. I never bark and will not steal your candy. But I walk like a REAL LIVE DOG. My legs will not move too well on extremely smooth and waxed surfaces because they slip. But put me on ordinary wood floors, or out of doors, and I will trot along with you wherever you go. Just pull the leash, and I will follow you. If I get lazy and do not start walking right off, jerk my leash a bit or poke me in the side so that I rock a little sideways, and I am off to trot. I also know how to sit up and beg. Try me and see. If you get tired pulling me around, just pick me up and carry me with you- I’ll be glad to go where you go. The box measures 11″ x 7 1/2″ and is 4″ deep. The pull type dog will move its legs and walk along when you pull the string.

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