Self Standing Oak Country Store Post Card Holding Display – Dates 1904

Product #W824C

This is an early country store display and selling rack for post cards. This rack is dated on the top of each of the four sectionals, ‘Patented Aug. 4, 1904 – By J. Koehler, N.Y.’ Each of the four sides has tin slots for holding 9 post cards and there could me several of each post card in the same slot. The slots would hold postcards that were 3″x 5″ cards. This display with rotate and the top and bottom and the frame of this display are made of oak wood. The total height of this piece is 35″ high and the four sides are 6 3/4″ wide with the bottom having a diameter of 9″. This is an early oak country store display and if you collect post cards, then this piece would be a must in your own personal antique collection!


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