Antique Table Lamp with Double Barrel Shot Gun Base and Shade with Flight Speed of Game Birds in Miles per Hour

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Product #G707D

What a great find for all you hunting enthusiasts! This lamp’s base is made with a metal double barrel shot gun for the lamp’s stand that rests on a round wooden base. The round base measures 7″ diameter and the stand is 23 1/2″ high. The shade of this lamp is also a hunters dream as it shows the ‘Flight Speed of Game Birds in Miles per Hour’. There is nine different birds listed with the fastest bird being the Canvasback and the slowest the Ruffed Grouse and the Black Duck. The paper shade of this lamp measures 15 1/2″ diameter around the bottom and the top of the shade is 12″ diameter. There is two light sockets on this lamp to give you a bright light. Don’t miss adding this unique lamp to your own personal hunting collection.


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