Antique Counter Top Showcase Display Cabinet – J. Riswig Maker – 13″ x 16″ x 13″

Product #W354

Antique country store counter top showcase display cabinet that still has the original manufacturers label that reads, ‘J. Riswig – 11 & 13 Dearborn St – Factory 607 Austin Ave – Chicago’. Notice the mirrored back drop down door that gives one access into the display cabinet and the pull down latch that secures the back door. This show case cabinet measures 13″ wide by 16 1/2″ deep and at the highest is 13 3/4″ high and the front of the display case is 8″ high. Someone over the years did reinforce the top glass with a plastic type filler around the edges where the glass meets the wood. This is the only altercation that I note. This is a unique size and style of a showcase made by the J. Riswig company and we are excited to offer this for sale.

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