Antique Porcelain Peter Schuyler 10 cent Cigar Advertising Sign

Product #M411

Antique original porcelain advertising sign for ‘Peter Schuyler 10 cent Cigar’. This sign is two colored with white and dark blue, but the coloring is very attractive and eye catching. This sign is marked in the lower right hand corner, ‘Balto Enamel & Novelty Company, Balto & 190 W.C. Way, New York’. This sign measures 26″ x 12 1/2″ high.
Here is a little history for the maker of this sign. The Baltimore Enamel & Novelty Co. also known as Balto Enameling & Novelty Co. was founded in 1898 as the Baltimore Enamel Company. The company became one of the largest porcelain sign producers in the U.S. As successful as the company was at one time, by 1943 The Baltimore Enamel & Novelty Co. closed in part due to WWII and the metal shortage that occurred.

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