Antique Soda Fountain Original Celluloid Menu – Original Advertising Paper Inserts

Product #W264E

Antique Soda Fountain Original Menu for Diehl Drug Company Drug Store with original paper insert Menu advertising inserts. The front insert depicts a waitress and advertises, ‘Our Malted Milk Drinks are Delicious’. In small print on the front insert it reads, ‘This cover property of B.E. Lawrence & Co. Inc. – 400-8 E. Ohio St. Chicago, Illinois’. There is patent dates from 1923 to 1926.
Also, on the metal frame that holds all the advertising inserts there is engraved information and it reads, ‘Property of B.E. Lawrence & Co.’ there is again patent dates from 1923 to 1925. On the second page there is an insert that advertises for Malted Milk and there is a young woman depicted enjoying a refreshing and delicious malt drink. Next comes the personalized menu for the drug store menu, ranging from a banana split for .25 cents if you want to splurge or on the luncheon menu for 20 cents you could order a minced ham, peanut butter and cheese, tomato and lettuce, or even a sardine sandwich. On the back metal framed back cover there is an advertising insert that advertises Yeast Foam Tablets, for loss of appetite, indigestion, and skin disorders. On the backside the last insert shows Harold Red Grange football player with yeast foam Malted Milk. Red had nicknames called the Galloping Ghost or the Wheaton Iceman as a football player. All the advertising on this menu is for the Chicago, Illinois area, I would assume that Diehl Drug Company had to be located in the Chicago, Illinois area or Illinois for sure. This menu measures 5 1/2″ by 7″ high. This menu will even stand up by its self with the metal frame. Circa 1920’s.

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