Antique Porcelain Neon Advertising Sign Storz Triumph (Gold Crest) Beer Omaha Nebraska

Product #M089C

Remarkable double sided Porcelain advertising Neon Sign that advertises Storz Triumph Beer which is out of Omaha, Nebraska. A unique feature of this particular neon sign is that over the years they also made this Triumph sign to advertise the Gold Crest Storz beer. There is a tin painted sign that I removed that shows the porcelain Triumph underneath. I left the one side on. Measures 42 1/2″ Width x 48 1/2″ Height. (57″ height to top of metal hooks.)  This sign originally came from Almena, Kansas. This is a very rare porcelain double sided sign and is very bright and in really good condition. I have a picture that shows a similar sign hanging in Omaha, Nebraska in the 1940’s.


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