Speedway Coupe Marx Tin Wind Up Electric Light Car – In the Box -1933

Product #T791C

Here is a very nice original Marx tin wind-up coupe with electrical headlights. Circa 1933. This great antique Marx coupe is constructed of brightly lithographed tin and features two battery powered electric headlights Switched on/off via the lever in the cab. The trunk has a large Marx trademark. The toy features a fixed wind key on the right side, and when wound up it will drive forward fairly quickly. What is also very exciting is that this car comes with its original shipping box and the wonderful graphics that the box features. The box measures 8″ long by 4″ high and is 3″ deep. There is also the Directions for Installing the Battery listed on the side of the box. This is an exceptional find to have this car in such exceptional original condition and to have the box as well.

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