Antique Bevel and Stain Glass Window – Over the Bay Style

Product #W962C

This is a wider antique over the bay style window that measures 23 1/4″ x 44 1/4″ and is 2″ thick on the wooden frame. Notice that this window features several sections of clear bevel glass along with sections of stain glass. The colors are mainly green, blue, and caramel with several swirling variations and shades of these colors. Also a unique feature is all the different textures that have been used several of the sections. This window draws you in as you study it closer and not to mention the beauty that radiates when the sun shines through. You will not want to miss adding this window to your own antique collection. The window is in good all original condition, only one hair line separation in a small section of glass and again there is not movement, just a hair line. Don’t miss out on the beauty that this window will add to your home or office!


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