World War I (WWI) Thru The Stereoscope (Vol I and II) with History Book

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What an amazing wealth of history can be found here in this set of Stereographic Library – World War through the Stereoscope, Volumes 1 and 2, by Keystone View Co. and the companion reference book that is titled, ‘The World War Through the Stereoscope – A Visualized, Vitalized History of The Greatest Conflict of all the Ages’, by Major Joseph Mills Hanson, and published by Keystone View Company’. The table of contents reads, ‘Biography and picture of Major Joseph Mills Hanson, Comment on the Stereograph by well known educators and writers, The camera and Stereoscope in the war, Title Lists of stereographs in the War sets, A cross-reference, Topical Index of stereographs, War Statistics compiled by Major Hanson, The Flag on Ehrenbreitstein – A Poem, A Bird’s Eye View of the World War, Chronology of the World War, and A slightly condensed reprint of ‘A statistical summary of the war with Germany’, along with maps. The first edition was dated April, 1923 and the latest in this book is the fourth edition 1927. This set also come with a stereoscope for viewing theĀ 100 stereoscope cards.
We are thrilled to be able to offer this detailed and upfront history for World War I, and this collection came from out of a collectors collection from Jefferson City, Missouri.

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