Antique Cast Iron Safe Stork Bank – J M Harper – 1907

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Product #T864

Antique Cast Iron Safe Stork Bank that is made by J. M. Harper. This safe has the original knob on the door of the safe, which is often missing on this bank. This bank opens with screw in middle of safe. Very good condition. A rare bank for us to find. Measures 5 -1/2″ Height, 2 -1/2″width and 2″ depth. Circa 1907, Note the date in raised numbers at the base of this safe. James M. Harper designed and copyrighted a group of fifteen banks which are considered among the most beautifully executed still banks. A Chicagoan, Harper jobbed out the production of the banks to the Chicago Hardware Foundry Company in North Chicago, Illinois. Don’t miss adding this stork bank to your own personal bank collection.

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