Doe-Wah-Jack -Round Oak Stoves Advertising Mug – Dated 1907

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Product #G848

Antique advertising mug that advertises Round Oak Stoves Ranges and Furnaces and the Native American ‘Doh-Wah-Jack figure. Below this it reads, ‘Copyright estate of P.D. Beckwith 1905’ and then there is words that I an not certain the language or the translation. ‘Wir Fabriziren Mur Die Besten Waaren’. This mug measures 5″ high is 3 3/4″ diameter on the base and 3 1/4″ diameter on the top. From the handle to opposite side this mug is 5 1/4″ wide. On the bottom of the mug there is also advertising that informs one of the business that gave this mug away as a gift. It reads, ‘Compliments of Estate of P.D. Beckwith, Dowagiag, Michigan – Makes of Good Goods Only. 1907’. This mug is in excellent original condition.


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