Toy Doll Surry Carriage Buggy – Original Stenciling

Product #W936C

This is one of the best condition of an early Surry doll carriage toy buggy that we have ever been able to find. Notice the detailed stenciling that has been done throughout on this piece. This particular surry carriage was owned by Bob Bierley the famous artist from the Kansas City, Missiouri area (Independence, Missouri). He was known for having unique antique props to use for his artwork. This could have been one of those unique pieces. We do not have a photograph or painting with this surry featured, but it did come from out of Bob Bierley’s collection. This piece measures 31″ high is 35″ long and is 15″ wide. The front wheels are 12 1/2″ diameter while the back ones are 15″ diameter.


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