The Peacemaker Print – Kinsey Rye Whiskey Advertising Print

Product #W790C

All original framed and matted lithograph advertising print that is titled, ‘The Peacemaker’. Notice that a man with his rifle and hunting dog is offering some whiskey to a landowner who has posted on his land a ‘No Trespassing’ sign. Across the fence is the wordage that advertises, ‘Kinsey Pure Rye Whiskey Bottled in bond – the Angelo Myers Distillery Inc. – Linfield, PA’. This matted advertising print is secured in an oak frame. The frame measures 22″ by 19″. One can’t help but chuckle to see the ‘real story’ that is going on in this print. In the lower left hand corner this print is marked, ‘Copyright 1905’. If you collect advertising, or whiskey related pieces, or if you are just looking for a print that will make you laugh, this is a print that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection.

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