1951 Ideal Toni Doll in the Original Box – Plus Toni Hair Wave Products

Product #D026C

What a fun find is this all-original Ideal Toni doll that dates to 1951 and is still in her original box plus has the original Toni play wave set that girls could use on their hair. The Toni play wave was harmless, but I am sure provided endless hours of fun as little girls pretended to be giving a permanent wave to their Toni doll’s hair. This particular Toni doll is in what appears to be unused condition, and is all complete, as she even still has the original paper label that reads, ‘Be proud of your Toni Doll – It has an expensive Nylon wig which you can shampoo and Play-Wave. The doll measures 14″ high. The original storage box measures 6 1/2″ x 15 1/4″ by 4″ high. What a fun doll this would be to add to your antique doll collection!

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