Antique Child’s Toy Sewing Machine with the Original Storage Box

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Product #M399

Antique child’s toy sewing machine marked F & W Automatic which means that this sewing machine was produced by the Foley and Williams Company of Chicago, Illinois. Notice that there is also most of the original paper label attached to the original shipping crate showing this same information and is what this sewing machine would have come in. Notice the dove tailed corners and the sliding wood lid on this box that measures 8″ long by 9″ high and is 5 1/4″ wide. There is three attachments that come with this sewing machine, one of them being the C-clamp to attach the machine to a table or base. The machine it’s self measures 9″ long from the wooden handle to opposite end of the machine and is 7 1/2″ high. The machine moves smoothly up and down and is in working order that way. What an amazing find to still have the original shipping box and to have this sewing machine be in such pristine condition yet for all of these years.

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