Vaseline Trumpets Epergne

Product #G172B

This is a simple smooth lined styled epergne yet very beautiful and the three Vaseline trumpet inserts are without a doubt a very eye catching beauty! The ruffled scalloped edges of each vase and the twisted ribbed design throughout each of the trumpet vases makes them very beautiful! Each of the Vaseline inserts measure 4 1/2″ high, and one of the three has a larger diameter bottom and this one goes in the top slot on the silverplated holder. It’s diameter is over 3/8″ and the other two are under 3/8″ diameter closer to 1/4″ diameter. The holder is marked, ‘E.P.N.S. which stands for Electro Plate Nickel-Silver. This was invented in the early 19th century. Darling little button feet on this epergne holder. With the trumpets inserted this epergne measures 9″ high, and it is 11″ wide and 3 3/4″ deep. This is a smaller sized epergne but the quality and beauty are very big and beautiful!

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