Very Rare Victorian concealed Iron Safe – Pat Aug 26, 1869

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Product #M221

This is an unusual Victorian Marble top Pedestal stand done with a walnut finish . The hidden dial (has a patented Aug. 26, 1869 stamped on it) is behind a plaque that opens the concealed iron safe. The inside is lined with plush felt material and has two drawers. The cabinet appears to be made of walnut and burl walnut panel but it is all a metal safe other than the trim board under the marble and the base around the bottom covering the wheels.  The interior of large door safe reads: Herring & Co. New York and Dexter on the plate that protects the combination. This cabinet measures 29″ wide by 25″ deep and is 37″ high. This is a unique and rare piece that we are excited to be able to offer for sale.


Dial dated 1869

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